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Custom Configuration

Sometimes you want the product assembled before it arrives and sometimes you want it assembled at your location. ComingITS provides services that make it convenient for you. We install a wide variety of hardware and software to your specifications. Choose from having it done before the product ships or after it reaches your location.

Break / Fix Solutions


What do you do when a computer product fails and it's out of warranty? ComingITS is there to provide solutions at your location when you need a product fixed.

Our local drop-off centre offers critical repair services, many while you wait.

Custom Installation

ComingITS can schedule product installation at your location to save you time and money. We can unpack, setup, assemble, configure, inspect, burn-in, test, and program your equipment on-site for a broad range of products. We can add to an existing network, install new or existing software, and program routers. Need to de-install old equipment as well? We can provide these services at your doorstep.

Software Licensing


When you're looking at software purchases, it pays to have help finding the most cost-effective solution. Our expert team of licensing consultants is experienced in program offerings that solve real business problems, saving you time and money.



Whether you're expanding or moving your facilities, ComingITS can provide cabling services to keep up with the changes in your organization. From design to implementation, adding workstations or changing telecom connections are not a problem for our trained specialists.





Project Management


Larger projects may require management skills that augment your current IT staff. Call on us to provide project scope, implementation processes, measurement and project oversight to see you through to improved productivity.



ComingITS offers financing through partners that specialize in business leasing. Our financial services are geared to your business needs.

Maintenance Contracts


When your product fails, it is helpful to already have a plan in place to keep your down time short and your productivity high. With ComingITS, you have the choice of a wide range of products. Paid in advance, these contracts assure you speedy repair at predictable costs.


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Security is more than a buzz word - it's a harsh reality. Making your network secure is our business, from firewall selection and implementation to a strong corporate security policy. From security consulting to implementation, ComingITS offers a wide range of security services.

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